Wilderness Rendezvous Hiking Challenge

The Wilderness Rendezvous Scout Camp is proud to introduce the 3rd Annual Wilderness Rendezvous Hiking Challenge! The objective of the challenge is to encourage everyone to get outside and get hiking. Check out the information below to get registered and get walking.

Who: The challenge is geared towards current registered members, particularly 3rd year Cubs, Scouts, Venturer, and Rover age youth however, we do not want anyone to be left out, even Beavers! Therefore, we want everyone to find and develop a love of Scouting so any person, any age, any family can sign up and join in the adventure. Grab your sneakers, grab your pet, grab your water and get walking!

What: Hike 25km in total but you must walk at least 2 km during a hike.

Where: Anywhere!! City, Regional, Provincial, or National Parks Hiking and Walking Trails. We want you to explore and experience new pathways but go wherever you can in a safe and fun environment. Please remember that it must be legally open- no trespassing! And please, remember to follow all health and safety guidelines in your local community. Be safe while you are having fun.

When: You must hike the 25km between June 1st and September 30th, 2022.

How to Participate: Register by sending $5.00 per participant (to help offset the cost of the badge and postage) via e-transfer to: [email protected] Registration closes August 15, 2022. Once paid and registered, keep a log of your travels. Include a few notes (if possible) about the location and length of hike, map of hike, photos or sketches from the hike, the weather, date, etc. Include a few sentences describing what it was like and what happened. Once the challenge is completed, please send your hike log and any sketches, pictures or information you would like included to: [email protected]

Registration Forms

Tshirts, Hats and more!

Social Media: Follow us on Facebook at Wilderness Rendezvous Hiking Challenge and look for the hashtag #WRHike on Twitter and Instagram! Share your photos using that hashtag!

**Please note: We would like to post pictures of our adventures to our Wilderness Rendezvous social media sites. If you do not want these images to be used on our social media sites, please do not send them in. Any images sent into the challenge may be published to our social media sites.

What do you earn: Bragging rights! Health and Fitness! Quality Family Time! And best of all, a fabulous commemorative badge!

For more information or if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, send an email to: [email protected]

Be safe and strong!
Happy hiking!