Information For Parents

Getting Ready for Camp 
This section is for the youth, parents and scouters attending camp. 

What to expect at camp? 

Wilderness Rendezvous Scout Camp supplies an experience found no where else in Canada or the World! 

Upon arrival at camp, each Scouting Group establishes a sub-camp where the youth will eat and sleep while at camp.  The next day, Scouts are split into their program groups (i.e. Pioneers, 1st Year, etc) where they will meet their Program Directors and Scouters.  Using the scout patrol method, youth are split into patrols with Scouts from other Scout groups. They will work in the patrols over the week learning new skills and hiking together.  

Over the next 7 days, the youth will take part in their programs.  On Day 8, all youth are back in camp for the annual WR Games Day and a family BBQ (which parents can attend).  On Day 9, base camp is packed up and the youth head home.  

Attending Camp 
Youth cannot attend camp alone.  Youth must attend as part of a Troop with their Scouters. If you are interested in attending, speak with your Troop Scouter. 


Registration DeadlineCamp Fee /personPark Fee /personOptional Meal Plan /personTotal /person
On or before May 1st, 2024$125.00$25.00$200.00 (All meals)$350.00
After May 1st, 2024$150.00$25.00$200.00 (All meals)$375.00

Note: The Participant Meal Plan is highly recommended. Without it, troops must be self-sufficient.

Food is supplied for everyone at camp, so please do not send food with your youth.  While in base camp, youth are expected to help cook their group’s meals and while out on trail will cook their own food.   

Each year the camp’s menu is updated under the guidance of a nutritionist.  If your youth has any food allergies or other food concerns, please ensure it is noted on your application form and your Scouter is aware of it. A camp staff member will contact you prior to camp to discuss food allergies or other food concerns. 

Lists, forms and more information – REQUIRED
WR Scout Camp Application and Medical Info Form
Code of Conduct
Parent Guardian Consent Form

Important Camp Information
Wilderness Rendezvous Scout Camp Brochure
What’s New at WR?
Personal Gear List for Camp – Kit Program
Personal Gear List for Camp – Pioneer and 1st Year Program
Personal Gear List for Camp – 2nd Year to Sting