Information For Scouters

Scouter Information 
Wilderness Rendezvous is an amazing experience for Scouters too! You will get to see your youth grow and develop over the 9 days, explore an incredible provincial park, and make friendships that will last years. 

Preparing your youth for a great camp experience does require some work, but we have prepared a series of forms and information packages to help you.  You can also reach out to the camp staff via our email or phone number if you have any questions. 

Attending Camp 
Youth do not attend camp alone, they come as a troop and thus require Scouters to attend as well.  If your troop is small, you will share a sub-camp with one or more other troops.    

Registration Package 
Each troop attending will need to supply the following: 

    • Adventure Application (One per Troop) 
    • T-Shirt and Hat Form (One per Troop) 

For each participant (Youth and Adult) the following is required:

    • Application Form (part of the Brochure Package)
    • Additional Medical / Allergy Information Form (part of the Brochure Package)
    • Medical Form (Pulled from My Scouts) 
    • Camp Code of Conduct
    • Parent/Guardian Consent Form

First time at Wilderness Rendezvous as a Scouter? 
If you are attending camp for the first time, you must participate in the 1st Year Leader Hike.  This is an overnight hike during which basic orienteering and other trail skills will be taught.   

Standard and Wilderness First Aid. 
Wilderness Rendezvous Scout Camp also provides Scouters with an opportunity for Standard and Wilderness First Aid Training.  These courses are offered if there is significant interest and is determined on a year-to-year basis.  

Lists, Forms, and Guides
Wilderness Rendezvous Scout Camp Brochure
Scouter General Information, including Troop Gear List
Information for 3rd Year Cubs attending
Map to Camp
Personal Gear List for Camp
Standard and Wilderness First Aid Training Information

Registration Package  
Adventure Application (Required 1 per troop)
T-Shirt and Hat Form
Code of Conduct
Parent Guardian Consent Form